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Tane & Associates operates an independent training, research and development facility providing expertise in participatory programs and capacity building projects for sustainable communities. Operating in the community and regional organisation (CARDO) mode we provide training in entrepreneurial methods for sustainable community development.



Participatory community workshops

Mapping & modelling sustainable development

Resource ecosystems & natural hazard management

Integrated community pest & weed management

Sustainable enterprises ~ sustainable livelihoods

Community Audits ~ monitoring & evaluation



Community Audits Is your Council or Community Board playing the game or bending the rules to suit special interest groups? Are you being denied equitable opportunities to participate in planning and development matters that affect you? Stand up for your rights. Learn proven methods for undertaking community audits to professional protocols. Communicate the results effectively through community programs. This project teaches you how to apply professional methods for compliance auditing of Council programs.

Sustainable Communities Are you seeking year round livelihoods for your community? Do you want to avoid community dependency on low paying seasonal work doing menial tasks? Learn from the success of Twizel in reinventing community economies through capacity building for sustainable development. Only 20 years ago Twizel was a redundant town. It is now a successful and growing regional service town with full employment throughout the year.

Riparian Weed Control The declining health of our rivers and streams and the increase in weed floras are directly related. Weeds are characteristic symptoms of dysfunctional floodplains and unhealthy waterways. Help restore the health of our streams, rivers and lakes. Learn ecological weed control methods proven over 50 years in New Zealand that restore the health of streams and rivers naturally for little cost, without poisonous pesticides, pastoral grazing or polluting effluents.



Watershed Systems provides practical and applied programs in capacity building and professional skills training, designed to meet the needs of professional practitioners and community organisations. We provide on-site support, supervisory management and technical assistance for our training, research and development programs.


Learning-by-doing~the proven way to gain new skills!

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Dao natural farming; sustainable village communities; sustainable suburbia
Icons and symbols conveying cultural intelligence; jade and argillite teaching stones
Symbolic models of cultural intelligence; seeding and reading landscape energies

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